Astro Durga

Aquarians, your good deeds in the past will bring lots of luck this week. Financially, this week is very good. For job seekers this time is very auspicious even for those who want to change their job. Students keep focus on your studies, unfavourable time might be experienced. If we talk about health issues then problems like exertion might occur. An opponent might prove to be troublesome, so be careful. Lastly, it is suggested to be calm in every situation and do not get into any disputes.

Love Predictions: Love will enter your life via someone who is quite far away. You will be busy with your work but will succeed in keeping your love life harmonic. The middle days are also completely on your side and will share gifts as token of love. Be a little patient and moralistic in the ending days.

Remedy/Treatment: Donate black cloths, lentils or offer mustard oil.

Love Rating: 3.5/5