Astro Durga

Librans, this time is favorable for your love life, married life as well as for domestic pleasure with a good health of mother in addition. But your anger can destroy beautiful conditions, and this could be the major drawback this week. It is recommended to spend money smartly. There are lots of chances that you will travel abroad but postpone it if possible. Do not experiment at workplace or in business during this time. Health issues like problem in lower back might increase. Hence, keep a watch on your health and avoid carelessness to lower the troubles.

Love Predictions: A new heart throb will take away your heart and you will spend all your time thinking about him/her. This is the time for you to enjoy romantic talks with each other. You can plan a trip together as well or go to a movie. The end to this week is in your favor.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid intake of milk at night and have cardamom before leaving home.

Love Rating: 3.5/5