Astro Durga

Pisceans, this week has come with lots of expenses and that will be related to your domestic requirements. You will not face any stressful situation. Your nature will drift a little bit, you might feel excited about the desires you wanted in the past. Many work related journeys will follow you this week, with favourable results. Tendency to fall in love are quite possible making love life beautiful. Also, happiness will be maintained throughout the week in married life. However, to make your week more preferable; keep control on your desires. If possible, avoid travelling at night.

Love Predictions: It will great for you to be principled in the starting days. However no need to keep yourself so sad as the middle days are getting you chances to go out together and enjoy. Give time to your relationship as it will improve your understanding. Doing so will make your bond stronger.

Remedy/Treatment: While travelling in South, be careful.

Love Rating: 3/5