Astro Durga

You will face many situations this week in which you might get deviated from path of doing or not doing. This week, you might get busy with renewing your house. Malfunctioning in the appliances are also possible. Seasonal health issues like cough & cold might trouble you. So, have proper diet. Do take care of your precious things as chances of loosing them are possible. Problems with business partners are likely to arise therefore do not act stubborn. To be a good listener is always helpful. So, listen to your partner before taking any major decision. Also, time is very good for a job change.

Love Predictions: You might get attracted to someone who is in your class. If you want to marry your lover or if you are already married, this week will give you lot of happiness. The middle days will pass normally but again the excitement will enter in the ending of the week.

Remedy/Treatment: Doing Yoga and meditation will help you to keep calm.

Love Rating: 3/5