Astro Durga

This week will be the result of your Karma, courage & fortune. Your siblings will be very helpful. As per the predictions, people who are in the business of property dealing, cosmetics will receive tremendous success. For office goers, the good news is coming your way maybe a promotion. You might get attracted toward someone resulting in new relation but beware of trusting colleagues at work. Do not trust anyone blindly. Be cautious in monetary terms and with important documents, do not get overconfident.

Love Predictions: A mixture of good and not so good times. Ignoring stubborness will improve your love life. Unnecessary quarreling should be avoided to have a blissful life and the middle of the week is also going to be very favorable. You need to take things seriously in the last days.

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid travelling in West direction on Fridays.

Love Rating: 2.5/5