Numerology Number 4

Astro Durga

Individuals who belong to the number 4 are blessed by the planet Mercury. You will see a creative flow in your thinking process this year, and this will help you achieve great success. Talking about the professional front, as per my analysis for Numerology for 2017 forecasts, employees and businessmen will feel on cloud 9 in matters of success. Meanwhile, you will also form some rivals on the way. You will also share a strong bond with your colleagues. Business or work in the field of salesmanship, accountancy, audit and communication will excel in their fields. You can also then give thought to a new business. With this free numerology reading for 2017, the level of concentration in students will increase and the chance of getting a subject of choice in college will also increase. Individuals in the study of mass communication or journalism, you have great achievements waiting ahead. Along with this, you will also share good moments with your family. Parents will feel the best when their children will make them proud. Children will be the source of happiness. You travel along a new journey of love and friendship and this will give help you see a new light in a dull life. In matters of health, maintain a healthy diet, cycle and meditate as well. From August 17 to September 16, you enjoy the happy times.

Remedies for Numerology Number Four

  • Wednesdays and Saturdays will prove to be good, especially if the dates 4, 13,22 and 31 fall on these days.
  • The colors Brown, beige, black and blue will be auspicious for you. Try to wear clothes of these colors frequently.
  • Keep a handkerchief of the color brown, black or blue. This will be beneficial for you.
  • Worship Goddess Durga and feed birds.
  • Be aware of the people who have 1,2,7 and 9 as their Mulank.