Numerology Number 6

Astro Durga

This year, you will receive the support of planet Neptune. Your busy schedule during the year might cause you some problem. According to predictions for numerology 2017 for number 6, you will have a tremendous professional life. Your devotion towards a project at work will be appreciated by your boss and you may even get the chance to attend some important meetings with him.The hard work you put into your work will also be welcomed by your opponents. Students who have been serious will now start to enjoy with their friends. Students who wanted to get admission into an engineering college will be successful this year. Furthermore, you will spend some wonderful moments with with your family and this will help you with your peace of mind. There are chances of finding love through social media networks, however, don’t be in a rush and stay patient. To maintain a healthy and fit body, start working out. Lastly, you will see a time full of surprises from May 13 to June 14.

Remedies for Numerology Number Six

  • The colors white and red will be auspicious for you. Wearing these colors will be good for you.
  • Keep a white handkerchief with you.
  • Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays will be good for you. Even more so if the dates 6, 15, & 24 fall on these days.
  • Stay away from the people who have 1 & 2 as their Mulank.