Numerology Number 7

Astro Durga

According to Numerology 2017, you will be dominated by the planet Saturn. You will maintain a serious attitude in terms of business. It is advisable that during this year, you plan your work properly and then work according to the plan to achieve success. In 2017, you will defeat those against you with your talent and hard work. If your business is involved in the steel industry, machinery, leather, property, oil, or shoe industry, you will see success coming your way. However, maintain an honest nature and beware of trickery. For students, numerology 2017 horoscope foretells that in subjects like research, science, and geography you will be able to obtain good scores. In the same manner, Archeologists will be able to achieve their desired results. You will be able to awaken spirituality within yourself, and this will take you on many pilgrimages. You will get abundant opportunities to watch movies during this year and may even visit museums or monuments. In matters of love, there will be a flow of unconditional love and you might even go on dates to restaurants. Start saving as you might have to surprise your partner with a gift. Talking about health, maintain a proper diet and exercise on a daily basis. You will see auspicious time from July 16 to August 1.

Remedies for Numerology Number Seven

  • Thursdays and Saturdays will be auspicious for you. All the more if the dates 7, 16, & 25 fall on these days.
  • Colors like Blue, Cream, Yellow, Light Green and Pink are good. Try wearing these colors frequently.
  • Keep a blue, yellow, or cream colored cloth with you.
  • Worship Shani Devta regularly.
  • Stay away from people who have 1, 2, 4, & 9 as their Mulank.