Numerology Number 8

Astro Durga

Planet Mars will take be in charge of number 8 in 2017. You will feel full with positivity and passion. In terms of profession, you might get returns which will be lower than your hard work. I would suggest that you postpone any plans of starting a new business. If you are a part of a business related to property, machinery, and iron industry, you must stay careful. You might face a lack of concentration in studies this year. Furthermore, if you are planning on going abroad for further studies, you might face some obstacles so keep a plan B in mind for the same. You will have a good family life, however, a few disagreements are possible. To avoid such situations, considered spending more time with your family. In matters of love, there might be a few arguments and so avoid the use of any harsh language with your partner for a stable relationship. In the health department, you must be careful with your health. You should stop having tea multiple times a day and start going for morning walks to maintain a healthy body. Lastly, you will see the time period from January 14 to February 13 to be auspicious for you.

Remedies for Numerology Number Eight

  • Saturdays and Wednesdays will be wonderful for you, especially if the dates 8, 17, & 26 fall on these days.
  • The colors black, brown, dark blue, green, and violet will be beneficial. Wear these colors for good results.
  • Keep a black cloth with you always.
  • Observe a fast on Saturdays and donate food items to the poor.
  • Beware of people with 1, 2, & 9 as their Mulank.